zondag 31 juli 2011

55L Moody Mondays and 2 NEW releases!

Hi everyone!
I have 2 new releases for you and a special Moody Mondays set..
First, Barbara skirt! This sculpted skirt comes in a summery flower design, in 6 bright colours and with both pants layers.

Second, Sandy top! Sandy is a short halter top with a sculpted bow in the neck and comes in 6 soft, offwhite colours. Nice to match Barbara skirt!

And last but not least...
For this weeks Moody Mondays I've compiled this set, consisting Barbara skirt in green with Sandy top in soft pink!
FOR ONLY $l 55 :)

Taxi to Ayla's here

<3 Ayla

donderdag 28 juli 2011

Ayla's Gatcha!

Hi everyone,
I've been away this passed week, but last Monday the ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festifal started!!!
I'm participating with 2 gatcha's...
Carla tops in one and Carla skirts in the second gatcha!
Carla tops have a sculpted bottome and come in 6 bright colours.
Carla skirts are also sculpted and come in the same colours so you can mix, match and trade with friends.
Both are modify and transfer.

So... for only 35L a play at: ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festifal

Have fun! <3 Ayla

vrijdag 15 juli 2011



Opening July 14th - July 28th

Do you want to be unique in SL?
Here's your chance!

4 designer offers a special limited edition item
they will be sold only for 2 weeks and 50 copies only.

Ayla Verity from Ayla's

Dress Sophia
with 2 skirt options
copy + modify | 255 L$

SySy Chapman from SySy's

Gypsy Lady set
copy + modify | 250 L$


Sway Dench from Sway's

Beach Chair [Sandy]
with 8 poses, blanket, drinks and magazines
transfer | 450L$


Ephedra Loon from DCD

Shabby Chic Bow Necklace
copy + modify | 199 L$



From July 28th every week one designer will offer 50 copies of a unique item !!!
Join the SL group to be the first who get the information.
Search for B.UNIQUE in groups.
And check the Flickr group

zondag 10 juli 2011

Bella dress & bolero in Aqua for 55L Moody Mondays!

Hi everyone,
I have 2 new releases for you and a special set in Aqua for Moody Mondays!
Bella dress is a dotty! :D Bella has a sculpted skirt with ruffles and a sculpted tie on the waist. The dress includes all layers and is available in 6 colors or discounted fatpack.
Bella bolero fits Bella dress perfectly, you can also mix and match. This cute bolero has sculpted cuffs and a little sculpted tie and comes on all top layers. Also availeble in 6 colors or discounted fatpack.

Specially for Moody Monday I have this set in Aqua for only 55L :)

Taxi to Ayla's here