zaterdag 5 februari 2011

2 NEW releases, SALE item, HUNT price and new sub-o GIFT!

Hi everyone!

Finally... The I<3 Originals Fair is now officially OPEN!!! Yay :) and I'm participating, just as a lot of other designers who make originals.
Especially for the Fair, I have two NEW releases for you, a SALE and a L$10 HUNT price!

First NEW release is Moniq!
Moniq consists a sexy minidress and matching socks, tight and zipped up on the back with the option of ruffles around the chest and sock edges. The dresses and socks are available in 8 colors, seperately or discounted sets and also in three fatpacks: socks, dresses or mega fatpack.

Especially for Valentines day, Moniq set in pink will be on SALE only at the Fair while the Fair lasts!

Second NEW release is Dani 2.0!
Dani 2.0 is a low waist version of Dani pants. The pants come in 6 light bright colors.

And yes! There's a HUNT at the fair aswell! I am participating and give you Dani 2.0 in pink :P

Oh and I added a new GIFT in the subscribomatic... To receive the new gift join the sub-o at my store at Rigby or at the booth on the Fair!

Looking forward to see you at the I<3 Originals Fair!
Have fun!
Love Ayla <3

You can find the I<3 Originals Fair here

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